Image optimization is so important when it comes to building a fast, SEO friendly blog and user experience on your Showit website. Page speed is a huge ranking factor for Google and other search engines. You have to optimize your images on your website and blog to have a super fast website. Optimizing your images […]

Making sure your blog posts load fast is probably my number one technical SEO recommendation. It’s right up there with my overall number one SEO tip which is building brand reputation. With that said, I wanted to share how I set up the Jetpack plugin, a WordPress plugin that will help load pages faster, optimize images, […]

I had the pleasure of designing a Showit website for Donny Zavala, a documentary style film wedding photographer based in Oregon. His work is stunning and inspirational and he is definitely a leader in the industry, always creating and capturing a new and unique look. I wanted to create a soft, simple website design that […]

One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the difference between Showit and WordPress. First I need to start off by saying Showit actually uses WordPress for the blog pages. This is an incredibly powerful feature that actually helped me make the decision to stop making fully WordPress websites. In essence, […]

Have you ever wondered if people are looking at your site? And if they are, what pages? What if your favorite page was the least visited, or had the highest bounce rate? Wait, bounce rate? What’s that? It may not seem important to you but collecting your websites visitor data is indispensable. It gives you […]

If you’re just starting out with Showit, this post is just for you. I’ve worked on a lot of Showit websites and have learned a lot of things along the way. In this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite tips that will help you get started with your new Showit […]

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Sotiris Tsakanikas, a destination, fine art photographer from Greece. I have had the please to feature Sotiris’s work on two of my website themes and am always in awe of the work he produces, which leads to our topic of conversation, fine art photography. It’s a […]

One of my biggest fears as a wedding photographer was losing the images and not being able to find them. It happens more often than it should especially in the day and age we live in. In this post, I am going to show you how you can easily backup your wedding photography to cloud […]

In this post, I will go over how to create a WordPress blog post and how to create galleries within your post. Remember: When creating a blog post in WordPress it is important to upload web-sized images. How to create a blog post Login to your WordPress admin account by going to “” (you may […]

In this post, I will show you how to use Lightroom export presets to quickly export your images in high resolution and web quality. This post is a continuation of the previous post about creating a solid Lightroom workflow and keeping your images organized. If you feel unorganized with your image organization, go read that post! […]

Being a wedding photographer myself, I’ve learned the importance of using Lightroom. Its one of the best tools for keeping all of your images organized and in one place. I also know how confusing and jumbled your images can get if you don’t have the right file organization process. If you feel like your images […]

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