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My Showit Blog Design Did Not Publish – Here’s How to Fix It

If your Showit blog design did not publish, there is a quick fix that usually works for me!

Why is my Showit blog not publishing - here's how to fix - Moreno Collective

By logging into your WordPress Dashboard you can manually publish your WordPress design templates from your Showit account.

Showit Blog design did not publish   Here's how to fix it

My Showit blog design did not publish, what do I do?

Login to your WordPress dashboard and hover over Settings, then click Showit.

Next, click on the “Force theme generation (regardless of published version)”, then click Generate Theme.

Showit blog design did not publish - here's how to fix it - Moreno Collective

By doing so, you are forcing the latest WordPress designs in your Showit account to publish live!

Apr 22, 2020

Ryan Moreno

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