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This investment is going to transform my business in so many ways. Ryan totally broke down SEO into chunks that made sense. I now have a clear cut strategy, so I'm no longer wasting my time on things that don't work

- Lara Aman Mattey

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SEO Understood... in just 2 hours.

1:1 SEO Coaching Session

Where do you begin with SEO? I'll show you how in 2 hours. You'll walk away with confidence, knowing that you're doing SEO right.

The 1:1 SEO discovery call is for those who are ready to move forward with SEO quickly.

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SEO coaching is a powerful way to accelerate your results

When I was learning SEO as a photographer, I just wish I had someone to ask question. I'd love to offer you that opportunity!

Why Coaching?

We knew we needed to bring in an expert to not only help us implement but allow us to understand the strategy. Ryan is a top-notch teacher, trainer, and expert when it comes to SEO!

- Jenna Kutcher


Ryan was absolutely the best investment we have ever made for our business. He taught us how to be empowered in applying SEO to our business. He taught us so much and gave us invaluable information and made SEO actually fun!

- Melisa and Laif Gilbertson

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Ryan has been one of my all-time favorite business investments. He bills himself as a Showit SEO specialist but what that really means is part technical coding google-pleasing magician and part modern design whiz.

- Rachel Rainbolt

Coach, Writer, & Podcaster at Sage Family

Ryan not only helped me understand more about how SEO works but he gave me clear, step-by-step action steps I could take. My business went from being incredibly hard to find in a Google search for my area to showing up on page one.

- Lauren Engler


What is SEO coaching for creatives all about?

‣ SEO Overview

Content, website design, and website optimization all play a role in your overall SEO. Without all 3 you'll struggle with getting organic website traffic and ranking on page #1. We'll cover everything you need to know about what SEO really is.

‣ Understanding your ideal visitor

Knowing who you want to visit your site is the only way to attract the perfect website visitor. We'll dive into who you are as a brand and how to attract your ideal client to you website. This helps us understand the keywords we should be ranking for.

‣ Competitor Research

Do you know what other creatives in your industry are doing to get more leads? We'll look over who your biggest competitors are, what they are doing, and how you can outrank them based off of data driven decisions.

‣ Keyword Research

What if the keywords on your site are not searched as much as a different variation of the same phrase? We'll create a list of target keywords that your ideal clients are searching for and strategically place then in your website headers and copy.

‣ Understanding Google

Do you know if the code on your website is optimized for search engines? Google doesn't see your website the same way as humans do. Google sees the code behind your website, not the pretty design. I'll teach you what you need to know about optimizing your Showit website code. (Trust me its easier than you think!)

‣ understanding content

What's the #1 reason you use Google? I bet the answer is to find an answer to a question, or to find a solution to a problem. If you're not providing valuable information on your website then Google can't place you in a search results page. I'll teach you how to research your keywords and build great content for SEO.

‣ Designing your website for User Experience

Design plays a huge roll in your SEO. When someone lands on your website do they instantly feel like they can trust you as a brand? Do they know exactly who you are, what you do, and how to learn more? If not, you're losing out on valuable website traffic and income.

‣ Website Analytics

Your website is optimized and you have great SEO content that has the potential to rank for your ideal keywords. But now what? Learning how to track your keywords and understand your users behavior on your site is incredibly important. We'll cover it all.

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