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Welcome to the blog! We have created this blog to teach photographers how to manage their website and business like a pro. We write about several topics like SEO, WordPress, Lightroom, organization, and customizing your Showit website. Everything to keep you on top of your business and look good online.

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This post is a continuation of the previous post about creating a solid Lightroom workflow and staying organized with your images all year. If you feel all over the place with your image organization, go read that post! Keep reading to learn more about how to export your images using Lightroom export presets. Exporting your images […]


November 12, 2017

How to export images using Lightroom export presets

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Working with wedding photographers and being one myself, I’ve learned the importance of using Lightroom and keeping all of your image organized and in one place. I also know how confusing and jumbled your images can get if you don’t have the right file organization process. If you feel like your images are unorganized and […]


November 11, 2017

Lightroom workflow for wedding photographers: Importing and Organizing